CORE is a discipleship and evangelism training program that strengthens the CORE of your Christian experience

Find out why you are an Adventist,  see Christ at the heart of every Adventist teaching, and learn how to effectively share this beautiful message with others.
Whether you are thinking of taking a gap year after high school or want to take a mission focus year while in college or afterwards, CORE is a great opportunity to revitalize your faith, and to root yourself in the Adventist message.

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So, what will you do at CORE?

Bible Studies

Students will be giving personal Bible studies and leading out in small groups with interests they gain in canvassing, social media evangelism, health work, and door-to-door witnessing.


Students gain experience in sharing literature while developing skill sets in interpersonal communication, witnessing, and perseverance. 


Using social media to advance the gospel cause, and learning the science behind effective marketing for evangelistic events. Students will also get to meet with and learn from some of the biggest social media influencers in Adventism today.


Students spend nearly 2 weeks doing medical missionary work and cross cultural missions. This gives them real life experience in learning how to relieve people’s sufferings, find creative ways to cross cultural barriers, and to see the needs that exist all around them while developing skill sets to practically minister to those needs. 


Learn how to use the health message as a way to make connections with people in your community and bring the gospel into their homes. 


Learn how to better understand your own story, find healing in your experience, and learn how to help other who struggle with mental health challenges, find hope. 




We offer a work study option to assist in reducing your tuition costs through canvassing during the fall semester, and also offering summer canvassing programs both before and after you attend. We also provide students with a fundraising letter that can help them in garnering support for their tuition.


Continue Education While Serving

Upon successful completion of the CORE program students have the potential to receive academic credit for future studies.


Find Your Calling

Through multiple opportunities in service you will be able to discover and grow your spiritual gifts.


Experience cross-cultural missions

Students will learn how to minister to refugees, immigrants, and international college students by getting proper training and then spending time in the homes and communities of people of different cultures, and belief systems. Hearing their stories and relieving their sufferings continues to be one of the most impactful parts of the CORE experience. 


Discover Your True Identity in Christ

Every aspect of the program is designed to uplift the cross to allow the students to discover their truest and deepest identity in Christ, and how to share that message with the world around them.

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Dee Casper


Dee Casper is Director of the CORE Evangelism Training Program. Dee lived 30 minutes from 3ABN World Headquarters for 21 years and had never heard of a Seventh-Day Adventist, but by the grace of God, he found the message through 3ABN TV beginning in the fall of 2006. He was baptized in 2010 at the ARISE Cornerstone program, and has been involved in ministry ever since. He has served as a Bible worker, been a Bible teacher in an academy setting, and has taught in different schools of evangelism. He loves investing in young people, and opening their eyes to the beauty of the Everlasting Gospel, and the value that God places on each of them individually. Dee enjoys living a quiet and active life under the Appalachian mountains with his wife, Sarah. 

Christy Rodriguez

Outreach Coordinator

Christy had loved the Lord since she was a little girl. When she was 16, she had the opportunity to canvass with Youth Rush. Christy jumped at the chance to do something new and difficult for Jesus. What seemed to her like a one and done summer experience became her calling in ministry. She was been canvassing ever since then. Christy graduated from SOULS West, a Seventh-Day Adventist soul-winning and leadership school and worked at Thrive, a personal- ministries program of the Nevada-Utah conference. Christy feels humbled and privileged to teach other young people how to share their faith through literature evangelism and personal ministries. She is thriving in ministry and her contagious energy and smiles are such a gift! 

Issayah Ray

Outreach Coordinator

From a young age Issayah knew he wanted to work for the Lord. He founded various ministries as a teenager and was always looking for new ways to spread the gospel. When he was 19, God opened the doors for him to attend CORE, and it was a life-changing decision. Upon graduation, he went on to co-lead a youth summer canvassing program and do Bible work in Tennessee. He is thrilled to now be an outreach coordinator for the school that did so much for him.

Sarah Casper

Administrative Assistant

Sarah has a deep passion for discipleship and serving God’s people. She graduated from Washington State University with a degree in clinical nutrition and exercise physiology, but in recent years she has felt a strong call to full time ministry. She has been active in local church ministry investing in youth and young adults and helping them to see God as He truly is, and helping them to find deeper healing in their walk with Him. Her work as a mental health coach, studying Hebrew, and speaking on the Gospel and healing journeys  are some ministry passions that she enjoys the most. Sarah enjoys a creative lifestyle and exploring nature with her husband, Dee.