Not a young adult?
Can’t commit to 9 months,
but really interested in our CORE program?
We’ve got you covered!

CORE is excited to announce TRACK 2, an abbreviated program that still offers a life transforming experience, and is AVAILABLE TO ALL ADULTS. In this 5-month option, you will still be gaining a wealth of knowledge in theology, evangelism and practical Christianity, while also engaging in our Bible work practicum which includes a full-length evangelistic series. Track 2 runs from January 3, 2023-June 3, 2023.

We’re looking for people who are deeply committed to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, who want to see their local church grow and make a difference in their community, and who are at least 18 years of age or older.

We will have one more prerequisite for Track 2: we will have covered the Adventist Fundamental Beliefs class in the previous semester, so you will need to catch up on those. A link to those online classes will be supplied upon acceptance. You will need to complete them by the time you arrive January 3,  2023.

The Track 2 program will cost $6,000, which will cover your lodging, food, and travel. You would need to provide a $1,500 down payment upon arrival January 3, 2023 that would go towards your overall tuition.

Learn more about Track 2 from CORE's director in the video below:


First we invite you to download and read the CORE Handbook before applying. In the handbook you will find instructions and documentation needed for the application process, an overview of the program, and our culture here at CORE.


We’re so excited that God could be leading you to join us here at CORE! Below is all of the documentation you will need to apply for the program. The CORE Track 2 program begins January 3, 2023 and will end June 3, 2023.