Can’t attend in person? We’ve got an option for you!

Get access to the entire CORE curriculum from the comfort of your own home, mobile device, or in a small group at your church. You’ll still get to learn from some of the best minds that Adventism has to offer, and you can even interact with fellow attendees from around the world.

You’ll get to choose the pace in which you learn, and you can re-watch videos later to refresh your mind on your favorite classes.

We’re even offering you a chance to choose which classes you attend. An ‘a la cart’ option that tailors your education to your interests, and needs. But this takes time, so we’ll be launching classes in bundles. Like, a mental health bundle, a medical missionary bundle, adventist fundamental beliefs bundle and more! 

We are so excited to announce that we’ve launched CORE Online’s first course! Titled, The Three Angel’s Messages, this course takes you on a deep dive into CORE’s unique take on Revelation 14. You will see Jesus at the heart of this class and discover a beautifully winsome way to share this message with the world. We can’t wait for you to experience a sneak peak of CORE through this new launch!

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